BunMo Poppin’ Pipes are the ultimate sensory fidget toy at playtime. Guaranteed to pop, snap, stretch,connect, and keep those little fingers busy for hours!

The colourful replacement pack of stretch tubes are made for every household and make the ideal stretch toys for special needs children.This tube toy is designed in a way to help with those who struggle with sensory processing disorders and fine motor skills; a great option when choosing your autism toys! When the expandable tube is stretched or compressed the noise tube generates a popping sound. You can then pull and connect the stretchy tubes together to create lots of fun sounds. Get creative by twisting, joining and bending the pull tubes into colourful shapes and letters. The stretch tube also helps improve bilateral coordination and can be used as physical therapy toys.

Poppin’ Pipes sensory tubes are the all-rounder for your toy box. They are the perfect addition to your collection of sensory fidgets/autism fidgets and therapeutic toys. Or perhaps you have been looking for a battery-free alternative for auditory toys? Or maybe your off on a family road trip, Poppin’ pipes are the ultimate lightweight, portable pop tubes sensory toy to engage and avoid the “are we there yet?”

Also avoid finding a loose a pop tube under the couch. The Poppin’ Pipes kit is made with are usable box to ensure that all tubes are tidied up at the end of playtime.

BunMo. A brand you can trust. All of our special needs toys are made of high quality material that is safe for your children and long-lasting. Poppin’ Pipes are appropriate for ages 3 and up.

Enjoy and keep it poppin’!